The disinfection and cleaning equipment handled by our company is posted.
It can also be used in combination with a vehicle disinfection equipment.

Other disinfection / cleaning equipment

  Full body disinfection equipment   Foot-operated disinfection stand  
Lever pump Push pump

A special nozzle is installed to spray fine mist.By installing equipment at the entrance of the hall and disinfecting the entire body before entering, it is effective to prevent bacteria and pathogens from being brought into there.


It can be used for both of lever type and push type bottles.A foot-operated stand helps you to set bottles easily.
Just by stepping on the pedal, you can disinfect without touching the pump part, which is also effective in preventing secondary infections.
It can be used in homes, offices, stores, factories, public facilities, event venues, disaster areas, etc. without the need for a power supply.

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  1 pole disinfection equipment   2-pole disinfection equipment  

Smart and compact body (Can be installed in a space of 40 cm square) Equipped with a touchless sensor, it can be turned on and off without touching the main unit. The uniform and delicate chemical spray from 4 nozzles can disinfect the whole body.


A fine mist of disinfectant is sprayed from the left and right poles to disinfect the entire body.It can be used in large-scale facilities and is installed at the entrance to prevent the invasion of pathogens.
Arrangements such as walking or stopping types can be possible to infect firmly.

  Shoe sole disinfection equpment   Lime spreader  

It is used by connecting to a disinfecting equipment.It disinfects the whole body and the soles of shoes and shuts out bacteria and pathogens completely in the facility.


It is a sprayer for applying slaked lime to the inside and outside of poultry houses, pig houses, cow houses, etc.
It is effective for prevention and epidemic prevention for new influenza such as bird flu and swine flu and foot-and-mouth disease.

  Hot water / cold water / high temperature / washing machine   Boots / sole cleaning and disinfecting machine  

It is a washing machine used to wash dirt such as mud and manure.
It is a hot / cold water washer that supports from single-phase 100V to three-phase 200V 11KW.In addition to steam injection, there is also a special high-temperature cleaning type that can inject high-temperature water (120 ℃ hot water) at high pressure.


It is a device for cleaning and disinfecting dirt and bacteria adhering to boots and soles.
A wide range of cleaning and disinfection can be performed by using it together with a disinfecting device.
We offer from simple type to including chemical injection.

  High-presssure hot water washer details
High-presssure cold water washer details
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  2 power sources device   Infrabox
Far-infrared sterilization / drying / deodorizer

It is a device that includes a pump and a power source (engine / motor) to inject chemicals and water.
It is possible for anyone to work easily and safely by being equipped with 2 power sources.
Depending on work efficiency and labor saving, there are engine type and motor type.In addition, the lineup will take into consideration operability, safety, and economy.


It is a device that sterilizes, dries, and deodorizes clothing and boots efficiently by utilizing the characteristics of far infrared rays emitted from a special far infrared heater.