WHAT IS(消毒装置とは)   CUSTOMIZE(消毒装置のカスタマイズ)  
The purpose of Installation of vehicle disinfection equipment
    Correspondence to livestock transmission prevention law
    Correspondence to local communities, same industries and companies
    Major pathogens targeted by vehicle disinfection equipment

Types of vehicle disinfection equipment
    Components of vehicle disinfection equipment
    Types of our vehicle disinfection equipment

Other disinfection / cleaning equipment
Arrange the basic performance of the device
    Change the material used for the device
    Change the spray type
    Change the capacity of the motor
    Change the starting method of spray

Automate equipment operation and management
    Automate drug spray and agitation
    Automate drug management
    Automate spray switching
    Thorough suspension of passing vehicles
    Automate the management of passing vehicles
    Automatically control the operating time of the device
    Automate operational error management

  DELIVERY CASE(消毒装置の納入事例)   Operating company  
Gate spray type delivery example

Side spray type delivery example

Lower spray type delivery example
Operating company
    Company overview
    Message from the President
    Base information
    Information on branches and sales offices
    Factory information

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